Control Hair Fall Naturally At Home

How To Control Hair Fall Naturally

Hair fall hapens due to various of reason all of them are not related to old age.There are many ways on how to control hair fall naturally by using Hair Fall Control Diet or hair fall control oil or by using some natural remedies.Hair fall can be controlled by following proper hair care routine and awareness.

How To Control Hair Fall Naturally

5 basic steps for How to control hair fall naturally at home

#1-Massage with oil

Massage does good circulation in the scalp.It does make hair follicles active.Use coconut oil or almond oil to massage your scalp.Apply some coconut oil or almond oil in your palm and massage your scalp gently for 2-3 mins.A regular hair massage with these hair fall control oil helps to strengthen hair growth.It protects hair shaft from impurities which can cause hair damage.

#2-Apply egg

Eggs are very essential treating hair loss as they contains vitamins and minerals.First of all you need to prepare it.take a teaspoon of olive oil and white fluid of egg and mix it properly and then apply this on your scalp and hair.Keep it on for 10-15mins then rinse it with cool water and shampoo.thats it! you can observe the change with in 10-15 days.

#3-Use onion juice

Apply onion juice or garlic juice on your hair. Use one of them not both at once.apply it before you going to sleep and wash it in the morning.You can also observe the change by using it freuently.

#4-Maintaining healthy life styles

Proteins are very essential in hair growth they help to grow new hair in the place of old ones.Eating lean meats,fish,soy or other proteins can help to cure hair loss.Proteins contains vitamin-B12 which improves healthy hairs.

Most important factor in hair loss is stress.Try to live a stress free life.practice meditation,yoga or exercises daily 30-40 mins a day to avoid stress.

#5-Dont use too much chemical products

Regular straightning,colouring can damage your hair.Avoid these activiteis to prevent hair fall.Try to use natural remedies as much as possible to ensure hair growth effectively.

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