Battery Charging Tips For Android Phones

Today more than a billion using android phones.As compare to other phone android phone consumes more battery order to keep your battery last longer you need to follow some basic tips which ensure the longevity of your battery life.Lets take a look at some battery charging tips for android phones.

1.Always Charge The Phone With Its Original Charger

Always use original charger for charging your phone because it is very familiar to your phone does not put any bad impacts to your phone.It keeps your battery healthy for a long period of time.Due to our busy schedules we often forgot to carry original charger or because we lost our original charger we often replace it with duplicate ones which affects battery performance very badly.So always keep in mind that try to use original charger instead of duplicates.

2.Remove Protective Case While Charging Your Phone

While charging phones it becomes slightly warm.If the cover is put on it it acts like a barrior for heat dissipation and makes phone quite warm than normal.So always remove the cover while charging.

3.Do Not Charge Your Smartphone Overnight

There are many peoples who plugged in their smartphones overnight for charging and we need to stop this because it deteriorate battery health and also cause over heating problem which can damage battery very quickly.

4.Charge Your Phone To Atleast 80%

Always try to maintain battery charge of maximum 80%. It is enough for a day and it is ideal for a battery lifespan.There is not necessary that your phone always should be charged up to a maximum.

5.Avoid Recharging Your Phone Constantly

We always tend to charge the phone when it reaches to 50% level.We should not do must allow your phone to discharge upto 20% before you start charging again.It does put bad impacts on battery health

6.Do Not Use Third Party Battery Apps

Do not install third party battery apps because it always run in the background and drains battery much quicker and also it restricts other apps to function normaly.Try to avoid those battery boosting apps.

7.Do Not Use Smart Phone While Charging

We should not use smartphones while charging because it increases the temperature while we use.Which does put bad effects on battery health.

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